Ahmad Maslan suggests government work second job to counter falling oil revenues


PUTRAJAYA:  Last night Deputy International Trade and Industry Minister Datuk Ahmad Maslan offered a timely suggestion to boost the government’s falling revenues in the wake of a slowing economy and low oil prices.

“The government can increase its income if it works a second job,” he told reporters, “in the evenings after we have completed our official duties to Malaysians, the government can work after hours to assist other nations with policy formulation and teach others the secrets of our high-income achieving status.”

Astute Malaysian workers have begun running on-line business and working as call centre on the way to their regular jobs.
Ahmad Maslan’s 2nd job suggestion has seen an explosion of car-based businesses as drivers perform telemarketing calls or develop e-commerce websites on the way to work.

“The government’s second job can take the form of a night-time online business.  With oil revenue contributions projected to be lower than expected, the government working in the evenings would allow us to reduce the budget deficit and pay down our RM750bil national debt!”

Treasury officials have yet to comment on Ahmad’s suggestion.

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