Selangor declares public holiday tomorrow for Star Wars

Selangor star wars

SELANGOR:  Just days after commemorating the state’s Malaysia Cup win, today the Selangor government again won over residents by declaring tomorrow a public holiday to celebrate the long awaited release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Menteri Besar Azmin Ali said the public holiday recognises the state’s love for Star Wars and will reduce Cineplex chaos tomorrow.

“I had an appointment to get my hernia checked,”said a man in Klang,”but with KPJ specialist closed tomorrow, I’m off to the movies!  Star Wars here I come!”

This won’t be the first Star Wars public holiday. In 1999, the state took the day off to morn how rubbish Phantom Menace was.
This won’t be the first Star Wars event recognised by Selangor. In May 1999, the state observed a day of mourning after ‘Phantom Menace’ came out.


George Lucas said 'meesa disappointed' Jar Jar Binks wont appear in the new movie.
George Lucas says ‘Meesa disappointed’ Jar Jar Binks wont appear in the new movie.


The PM tried a few Jedi mind tricks last week at the Umno AGM declaring ‘these aren’t the donations you’re looking for!”
Getting into the Star Wars festive mood, the PM playfully told MACC 1MDB investigators last week, ‘these aren’t the funds you’re looking for!”

“I see a lot of lost productivity with late notice of these holidays,” said a worker with afternoon Star Wars IMAX tickets, “I could have wasted my morning getting a fake MC, only to learn I got the day off tomorrow anyway!”

Editor’s note:   Be sure you go to work tomorrow.  May the Farce be with you!

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