Man Following Rahman Dahlan ‘Wake Up Early Toll-Free’ Advice Finds Small Stranger Living In Home


KLANG VALLEY:  Today a man who had been following Rahman Dahlan’s ingenious ‘wake up early’ road toll avoidance strategy for the past few years was shocked to discover several people he was unfamiliar with living in his home.

“I leave my house at 5AM to get on Sungai Buloh Road and use it to return after 9PM to what I thought was an empty house,” said the toll-free road enthusiast, “I’m told these people are my wife and daughter, but she needs to show me marital proof and DNA paternity tests before I’m completely convinced!”

“Ultimately, avoiding road tolls will help me afford broadband so I can spend time with my family on Skype.  It’s all about quality of life!”

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