Admiral Ackbar warns Tony Pua 1MDB debate sounds like something that rhymes with ‘it’s a crap!’

1MDB - Tony Pua - Arul Kanda

KUALA LUMPUR:  Today Admiral Akbar intergalactic military commander of the Rebal Alliance expressed concern at Arul Kanda’s sudden willingness to be grilled by Tony Pua over 1MDB on live TV without conditions.



“It’s strange after running from the PAC probe in May, Arul Kanda is suddenly eager to answer questions,” said Ackbar in a statement, “there’s something about this situation that reminds me of the Battle of Endor, in Return of the Jedi and we all know how that turned out!”

“1MDB has probably restructured its massive debts through refinancing, or Arul has new information to frustrate and humiliate Pua in front of a national audience,” said an Ewok agreeing with Ackbar,  “as the PM himself explained when ducking debates with Anwar, ‘debating is not our culture unless you have something up your sleeve!’ ”

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