Vaping Sausages Less Cancerous Than Eating Them


KUALA LUMPUR:  Today Malaysia’s vaping community suggested smelling cooking sausages is a healthier alternative to eating them after the World Health Organisation reported they and other processed meats were as cancerous as cigarettes.

“I love sausages,” said a Malaysian bruncher, “I know they’re bad for me but I can’t just go ‘cold turkey’ on them even if they do sometimes contain meat from actual turkeys!”

If you fear your sausage might catch fire on a plane you should consider ordering the nasi lemak instead.
If you fear your sausage might catch fire on a plane, consider ordering a nasi lemak breakfast instead.

“Vaping a sausage cooking on a BBQ is a healthier alternative,” said vaping aficionado Kevin Yap, “you still aren’t 100% free of health risks but it might eventually help you quit sausages altogether!”

“Anyway, a Sausage is a lot like the Prime Minister’s department.  It’s a lot easier to swallow if you don’t know what’s inside it!”

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