Be immovable like the Malaysian PM, ISIL leader tells fighters

ISIL najib razak

DAMASCUS:   Despondent ISIL fighters struggling to occupy Syria took heart today after a leader suggested they emulate the inspiring stubbornness of Malaysia’s not resigning Prime Minister.

“Look at Najib Tun Razak,” ISIL leader Haid Bin Baghdadi told assembled soldiers,  “he is outnumbered by millions who wish him to step down after losing the nation’s trust over 1MDB, with only a handful of well greased supporters to defend him!”

“But does brave Najib quit? No!  That is why I want you outnumbered ISIL fighters to emulate his trademark stubbornness and unwillingness to leave in shame after running a country into the ground!”

“Not only did Najib admire ISIL’s bravery, he simultaneously fought ISIL until he was personally awarded US$700million from an anonymous ‘brotherly nation’!   This is US$600million more than the US$100mil  Saudi Arabia donated to the United Nations to fight terrorism last year!”

“In a world of senselessness, you have to respect an immobile leader like Najib whose explanations about the donations he receives make no sense at all!”

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