Nigerian scam letter writers start posing as Malaysian politicians


LAGOS:  With most internet users wise to Nigerian letter scams, today the authors of such letters decided to start pretending to be Malaysian officials to appear more believable to potential scam victims.

“I wrote in my scam letter I was an assistant close to the Malaysian Prime Minister and his wife,” said con artist, Jonathan Goodbye Goodluck, “victims of our scam letters have no problem believing Malaysians in high places have tonnes of cash.  It’s accepted as perfectly normal political donations over there making it the perfect cover!”

“That’s the problem with Nigeria today.  We have so much rampant corruption our image is in the toilet!  Fortunately for us, Malaysia doesn’t seem to care about its international reputation.  Political leaders can have millions and even billions in their personal accounts, and their party’s supporters seem to not find this at all suspicious!”

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