Man uses govt’s 1MDB excuses to win back wife

1mdb husband copy

SEREMBAN:  Husband Hanafi Bin Bakar has taken the unusual step of using the government’s 1MDB damage control strategies to explain rumours he had an affair to his wife.

“This evidence that I had an affair are all lies!” said Hanafi in a statement, “I have a good mind to block my wife’s access to social media.  It seems to be where she’s getting all this false information!”

Hamidi insists the evidence of him cheating has been tampered by a conspiracy to topple him from his position of husband.
Hanafi insists the incriminating photos of him with his secretary has been tampered by those who wish to topple him from his position of husband.


“When I received SMS photos of Hanafi with his secretary he didn’t deny it,” said furious wife Nor, “he only said he was not with her for personal gain!  Then told me not to publicly discussed his affair until the marital task-force of his loyal employees comes back with a report!”

“I can’t trust him after this,” confessed Nor, “our marriage was all lies.  He promised before our wedding he had a ‘huge account,’ but when I ‘audited’ him on our honeymoon, all he had down there was a few units!”


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