‘Document Shredder Hamper Raya’ Popular With Govt Officials

haper raya
MALAYSIA:  With Aidilfitri not far away, several online stores have claimed ‘paper shredder hampers’ to be popular government department gifts this raya.

“Companies supplying the government are always on the lookout for thoughtful hari raya treats,” said a Hampers Boleh spokesman, “in addition to document shredders, hard disk scramblers and email encryption software baskets are also selling out as Ministries and public figures scramble to cover their tracks in the face of unprecedented task-force investigations!”

task force

The government is not wasting time or resources to satisfy the rakyat’s need for answers.



Relations between the PM and Dr Mahathir are strained at the moment, reflected in this 90th Birthday Card received by Tun yesterday.


SMS fake

Despite numerous warnings, many still believe false news they receive by SMS.



“I totally agree the best way to cure corruption is to allow the government to probe itself,” said a voter,  “At least then if you find something stinky, you can decide who you tell, and what if anything you do about it.  It’s sort of like giving yourself a colonoscopy!”


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