Damansara Coffee Roaster Forces ‘Beards Only’ Dress Code


DAMANSARA:  Today Bourgeois Coffee Roasters began enforcing a strict ‘beards only’ dress code at their new Damansara Heights coffee shop insisting management reserve the right to remove patrons revealing too much exposed face.

“We think our customers should be appropriately attired if they want to be here,” said shop owner Hai Ding Chin, “facial hair goes with our artisan coffee blends, ear splitting espresso machine and exposed brickwork!”


Don’t want to wear a clip on beard? Bourgeois staff will direct you to the nearest Starbucks!



Customers can sometime avoid the strict beard dress code by vaping excessively


The ‘Walter Flat White’ is also bearded.



Bourgeois marketing slogan – “there is no alternative but to be alternative.”


“I was really craving a good latte, said a coffee connoisseur.  “Rather than argue, I just put on their stupid ‘clip-on’ beard.  It’s as itchy as hell!  I respect it’s their hipster dress code, but if they weren’t so strict, I might not be the only woman in here!”


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