Man says he’s 100,000 dead rats away from buying a BMW

usj11 rat

KUALA LUMPUR:   Today professional vermin catcher No Pah King, said he was only 100,000 dead rats away from buying himself a new BMW 3 series.   His announcement came hours after Kulala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) raised the reward from RM1 to RM3 per trapped or dead rat.

“I should really catch 700,000 rats so I can finally retire,” said King in a statement, “but my wife suggested I enjoy myself and buy a new car instead.   The rat reward increase has many of us in the tikus catching community very excited!”

“I was wasting my time collecting cardboard boxes and soda cans,” said a man new to the vermin hunting business, “but that’s all in the past.   DBKL have  set a target of 50,000 dead rats a year, but I believe in KL we can do a lot better, provided outdoor market traders maintain their current levels of poor cleanliness and hygiene!”

“DBKL have started a rat gold rush!  With so many  new vermin-hunters checking the sewers, I hope there’s enough rats to go round!”

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