PM spends day up flight of stairs amid calls to step down


PUTRAJAYA:   Despite complaints from his staff, Prime Minister Najib Razak stood stubbornly at the top of a flight of steps for several hours today.

“There are many serious challenges facing the country,” said the PM, “this is not the time to ask people to step down!  Who better to clean up the messes overseen by my leadership than me?”

Eventually the PM found a way around the stairs without stepping down, and resumed his normal duties to the relief of his aides.

“There’s no doubt if Najib did resign, there would be the inevitable leadership vacuum, political power struggles and the fallout from investigating scandals such as 1MDB,” admitted a political analyst.

“This might be why some are still sticking with Najib, it could be so bad without him, it’d be like he was still in charge!”

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