1MDB: PM says he is only answerable to people who don’t ask questions

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KUALA LUMPUR: On Thursday evening, in a pre recorded TV3 Interview, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said he respected Tun Mahathir, but was only answerable to the rakyat.

“I think Malaysians were satisfied by the general explanations the PM gave,” said a political analyst, “he can’t be expected to know exactly where the missing 1MDB billions went just because he’s finance minister!”

“And so what if it wasn’t addressed in court.  Who cares what motive his professional bodyguards had murdering a visiting Mongolian model they hardly knew, so long as the PM says he’s not involved?”

“The PM is not answerable to individuals like Tun, only people who don’t expect full explanations to troubling questions, so it’s important we stop asking!”

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