Nation’s Flight Stewards Disgusted With Anwar’s Homosexuality


KLCC:  Today the country’s hardworking, male cabin attendants voiced their disgust at the opposition leader’s alleged homosexual antics after he was sentenced to 5 years prison for sodomy.

“Eww that Anwar.  He’s so nasty!” said MAS Senior Cabin Steward Mohd Faisal Deek, “but it all must be true if the court says so.  Why would men do these things? It’s so awful I can’t stop thinking about it!”

Colourful children’s TV presenter  Sadiq Bin Madiq also weighed in on the subject, “Oh my God I was getting a blow dry from my hair stylist Sum Yung Gai, when we saw the headlines!  We both squealed with horror! How can the media be so explicit about sodomy in a country that doesn’t even allow the 50 Shades of Grey movie to be shown?”

Flamboyant celebrity chef Isma Mahad accompanied by his long-time fashion designing ‘sous chef’ assistant Hussein, were both also appalled, “Just as well Anwar can’t be PM now.  How can anyone even a little bit gay contribute anything beneficial to society?  It’s just not right!”

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