Ismail Sabri Opens Own Kopitiam Featuring 10 Sen Nasi Lemak

mIsmail Sabri

SUBANG JAYA:  Hitting back at stubborn traders who were reluctant to pass on lower oil price savings to customers, Agriculture and Agro-based Industries Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob opened his own low-price Extra-Small Town White Coffee restaurant today.

“Malaysians are tired of being oppressed by stubborn traders,” said a source close to the minister, “so even though we politicians have no idea what it’s like to run a competitive business in this economy, we’ve decided to show entrepreneurs how it’s done!”

The Ampang Kopitiam'57 is so popular the management insists customers can only attend in black or white to ensure authenticity.
The new Extra-Small Town White Coffee Restaurant insists customers dress only in black, grey or white to ensure an authentic nostalgic experience.

“Unlike a certain restaurant that pays kickbacks to DAP, our kopitiam will feature 10 sen kopio, and 7 sen roti kaya!  Of course, to get the business up and running, we did have to factor in some UMNO political machinery allocations into the costings, but we easily did this without affecting the quality of the food!”

The famous 5 sen roti canai is light fluffy and delicious!
This mouth-watering Extra-Small Town ‘5 sen roti canai’ won’t hurt anyone’s budget.


This 5 sen teh tarik is deliciously rich and frothy.  Pouring this perfect drink takes considerable skill.
This 5 sen teh tarik is rich and fragrant. Pouring this delicious frothy drink takes considerable skill.

One patron at Extra-Small Town told reporters, “The food here is delicious and fairly priced.  I was going to complain about the poor service, but it turned out my 5 sen mee rubus arrived at my table twenty minutes ago and I didn’t see it.  When I return next time, I will definitely remember  to wear my glasses!”

“I had to use tweezers to eat my 7 sen kaya on toast,” said a lady with her family, “and the thimble of teh tarik I drank was rich and sweet.  I’m going to take the plates and cutlery home for my daughter’s dollhouse!”

Your 20 sen breakfast is served! Sedap!
Your breakfast is served! Sedap!

Ismail Sabri said the response to Extra Small Town White Coffee’s first outlet from his supporters has been overwhelming.  He will soon be opening more kopitiams around KL and is currently working in partnership with a toothpick manufacturer to open a new Satay restaurant in May.

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