Falling Ringgit: Edge Owner Tong Kooi Ong to Celebrate Year of the Scapegoat

Tong Kooi Ong

PETALING JAYA:  With the new lunar year almost here, the government has suggested Edge Media, the publisher of less then flattering financial news, start celebrating ‘year of the scapegoat’ early!

“2015 will be an exciting scapegoat year,” said a Financial Ministry astrologist, “and we suggest Edge publishing group employees and owner Tong Kooi Ong be blamed for the falling ringgit and take an immediate, indefinite vacation!”

“In these ‘not in economic crisis’ conditions, there’s no room for those that ask questions about 1MDB, or expose the country’s economic weaknesses.  They will be all be held responsible for the current economic malaise during this prosperous scapegoat year!  Financial journalism is economic sabotage of the first order, and media owners will now be branded traitors by the government who got us into this economic mess!”


The government is taking an anonymous blog commissioned by the government very seriously.
Damning evidence of Tong Kooi Ong’s economic sabotage has come from a credible source, – an anonymous writer with a free WordPress blogging account.
This evidence of economic sabotage is obviously not a fake SMS chat generated from a website like this one.
This proof is obviously not a fake SMS chat generated from a website like this one.
The PM has vowed to act against economic saboteurs, and is on the lookout for influential Malaysians adopting a 'short position.'
The PM is on the lookout for wealthy Malaysians adopting a ‘short position.’


In the extremely unlikely event of a sovereign debt default, the nation’s kindhearted billionaires will bail us all out!


“The Edge needs to understand, like many of us in the Finance Ministry, 1MDB is a lot sexier with the lights turned off than on!  The less investors can see, the greater the chance they’ll hop into bed with us!”

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