East Coast Flood Victims Applaud PM’s Hawaiian Golf Performance

PM golf

Submitted by Jetsetting Links Editor,

KOTA BHARU:  Today the nation’s 100,000+ flood victims in Kelantan and Terengganu, praised the Prime Minister’s performance on his Hawaiian Golf tour.

“I was surprised the PM went with the 7 Iron to get out of that fairway bunker on the 8th hole ,” said Imron Bakar sitting on the roof of his submerged house, “the Marine Corps base course in Kanehoe Bay Hawaii seems very challenging!”

“He really impressed the US President with his golfing prowess.  Our PM must be practicing regularly!”

“The PM also did a brilliant job avoiding the lake to set up an on par putt on the 17th,” said a man watching his car float away, “from what I hear, those water hazards can be a real bitch!”


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