Low cost housing to be built from expired 2 minute noodles

noodle house

SELANGOR:  In a move to make Klang Valley housing more affordable, the government announced it will build low cost houses out of unsold packet noodles today.

“The 1Malaysia 2 minute housing project will consist of expired noodle based dwellings available in three mouth-watering flavours,  kari, tom yam, and asam laksa,” an Urban Well-being Ministry spokesman explained, “target price for these homes will be an affordable RM1.5 per square packet!”

“With average homes priced at 5.5 times the annual median income, drastic measures must be taken to allow young couples a chance to buy a home instead of dejectedly running up credit-card bills on Starbucks frappuccinos and iPhones.”

“Malaysians will love these noodle homes, though the builders strongly suggest owners go shopping at the mall on rainy days.”

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