Ahmad Maslan receives govt ‘letter of support’ for explaining 1MDB in parliament

Datuk Ahmad Maslan
Submitted by At Least Worth The Paper It’s Printed On Editor,

KUALA LUMPUR:  Today Deputy Finance Minister Ahmad Maslan was honoured with a valuable government issued, ‘letter of support’ for his clear no-nonsense responses to basic questions about the 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) indebted sovereign wealth fund.

“Normally these letters of support are tossed around and don’t mean anything,” said Ahmad in a statement, “but this letter of support to me is an explicit guarantee that I will remain as second Finance Minister in the unlikely event my brain goes into default, and I go say something misleading about 1MDB winning suspicious no-bid contracts, buying land at fire sale prices for quick revaluation, it’s fishy offshore Cayman Island accounts, and why auditors run away screaming after one glimpse of 1MDB financials!”

“My job is as rock solid as the financial state of 1MDB itself, which with its land, solar farms and power plants is surely worth over RM51billion!”

“Considering those sizeable energy assets, if we all sleep with the lights on until the year 3020, 1MDB might even pay back the loans we took to buy them!”

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