Govt mulls shorter work week to give Malaysians time to argue about dogs, beer and sex videos

4 day work week

Submitted by Tackling the Things that Matter Editor,

PUTRAJAYA: Authorities expressed concern today after research revealed the rakyat were too busy living their own lives and being productive with their time.  One idea being floated is a short work week to allow an extra day for Malaysians to grapple with key issues such as linking weather storms to beer festivals, who should pet dogs, and viral sex videos.

“We wont let the people lose focus on what truly matters,” said a self appointed harmony enforcer, “being responsible for your own life is no substitute for bickering over what other people should do, and with whom.  Our motto has always been, ‘if someone is doing something, and they’re not hurting anyone by doing it, then it is our sworn duty to intrude into the matter and debate it endlessly!'”

An Economics subcommittee in the PM’s Department also announced from 2015, talking about sideline issues will be counted as part of the nation’s Gross Domestic Product.  Initial projections indicate counting dog arguments alone could boost GDP by 5% per year.

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