‘Overcome any obstacle’ success seminar cancelled after motivational speaker’s car stuck in jam

Asian chinese business man

Submitted by Inspirational Perseverance Editor,

PJ HILTON:  Fans of millionaire wealth and motivational speaker No Hia Nao, were saddened to learn last night that his inspirational success seminar ‘How to overcome any obstacle’ was abruptly cancelled after the flamboyant guru’s limo got stuck on the NKVE.

“I loved listening to him speak,” said a disappointed attendee, “he has so many foolproof techniques to inspire people to never quit and solve unexpected challenges.  I heard his car sat there in the jam for hours until he finally gave up and went back home to his RM9mil Setia Alam bungalow.”

On a previous seminar conducted last year, the motivational guru said a great secret to becoming rich quickly, was to invite gullible fools to seminars in fancy hotels and charge RM1000 for tickets.  The cost of the Hyatt hotel based workshop was coincidentally also RM1000.

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