Germany: Intolerant Oktoberfest celebrants find mosque offensive

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Submitted by Forbidding Minority Expression Editor,

MUNICH:   Germany’s 2 week Oktoberfest celebrations came to a close here last night after much eating, drinking, oom-pom-pah music, dirndl girls, and carnival rides.  However, right-wing Oktoberfest attendees claim a Mosque across town marred the festival, and should be shut down.

“Germany is a Christian nation,” claimed chicken dancing protestor Knut Gute Fahrt, “Minorities here have the right to practice other religions, but knowing Muslims publicly promoted a private Eid al-Adha celebration at the Freimann Mosque 16km away, really gets my lederhosen in a twist!”

Dubai, Indonesia and Malaysia may retaliate by shutting down Oktoberfest celebrations in Muslim nations
Dubai, Indonesia and Malaysia have warned they may retaliate against any Munich mosque closures by shutting down Oktoberfest celebrations in their own predominantly Muslim nations

“We German Muslims are always respectful towards Oktoberfest celebrants,” a Freimann Mosque attendee replied, “why shut down something just because it’s not for you?  If we aren’t hurting anyone, why is what we do behind closed doors so upsetting?”

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