5 brilliant Malaysian life hacks to make you look fabulous without doing anything


Submitted by Anything But Diet and Exercise Editor,

Do you find yourself getting up in the morning, and going to sleep at night when you feel tired?  Do you sometimes have an uncomfortable empty feeling in your stomach when you haven’t eaten in a while?  Are you older now, then you were yesterday?  You might just be experiencing what we health industry experts call, life.
Your friends won’t tell you, but since the Raya / Merdeka / Autumn Festival celebrations, there’s a little ‘more you’ to love then usual.  But don’t worry, these ingenious healthy living Malaysian life hacks will have you looking trim and amazing in no time!

1 – Buy a one year gym membership then never turn up!


Sweat off the extra pounds hiding from your healthier friends who are exercising at your gym, (and the bank manager when your credit card fitness centre fees come due.)  If you see your fitness trainer at the mall, break into a calorie burning, super sprint to avoid them asking why you stopped turning up to aerobics!

2 – Collect photos from magazines of people with perfect bodies that you wish you could look like.


Hang them in the bathroom, and flush them down when you feel depressed about your looks.  The last thing you need is impossible to achieve, surgery-enhanced photoshopped fantasy celebrities ruining your self-image.


3 – If, your skin is breaking out, hold your face over a steaming hot laksa.


Hot Malaysian laksa, will open your skin pores, and remove impurities from your skin as you detoxify over your lunch break. When you return to the office, everyone will be amazed by your healthy glow!


4 – Choose a place to sit at the hotel buffet, as far away from the food as possible.


Need to lose weight fast?  You can burn plenty of calories making numerous trips back and forth carrying stuff from the seafood buffet to your table!

Complete your buffet work out, by loading up your plate with as much food as you can carry.


This exercise works your biceps, and builds upper body strength!  Feel that burn? Those guns will be popping in no time!

5 – Do a little Traffic Jam Zhumba!

KL fitness traffic

If you live in the Klang valley, chances are you are going to be sitting in traffic for 8-12 hours a week.  Make the most of this wasted standstill traffic time by turning up your car stereo, and jumping out of your car to do a few minutes of body toning traffic jam Zhumba!
(Bonus tip: Double check the handbrake is on before you get out of your car, or you might need extra collision insurance.)
Note: If your local right wing, NGO finds Zhumba offensive, you can always settle for some sports minister endorsed Khairy-size which the government permits for followers of all religions.

This important health message that you should share with your loved ones, is brought to you by your chubby chums at FMN.

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