Malaysian boycotters, McDonalds, negotiate 24hr ceasefire


Submitted by Multinational Fast Food Protest Editor,

TERENGGANU: Pro-palestinian Malaysian boycotters and McDonalds are continuing talks in Dungun this week, with many hopeful of an end to the recent bitter conflict.

“McDonalds have occupied Malaysia, and attacked Muslims with their irresistable high cholesterol menu.  They have no regard for the lives of innocent children.” said a boycott organiser.  “We have evidence McDonalds send delivery boys into our home territories, making it impossible to escape their fatal artery clogging attacks!”

“Fast food will contribute to more than 22,000 Malaysian heart disease casualties this year,” said another protester, “why is the US allowing these murderers to go unpunished!

McDonalds in a formal statement, said civilian obesity was an unfortunate consequence of the company’s right to making profits.  Malaysians are reminded that it was their own responsibility to keep their loved ones away from deadly trans fat Big Mac attacks.

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