Always late employee somehow gets to Company Sponsored Ramadan Buffet on time

ramadan buffet

Submitted by Punctual Worker Editor,

SHAH ALAM:  A 24-year-old Sales Executive, Mohd Affendi, has had a string of misfortunes  since starting work at UMW.

“Fendi has great difficulty arriving at work on time,” said his supervisor.  “On Monday mornings without fail, he gets delayed by heavy traffic.  He also has regular dental appointments and medical treatments, his Myvi often breaks down, and family emergencies force him to always show up late to important sales meetings.”

“Tonight, we invited Fendi along with his colleagues to the Grand Blue Wave hotel Ramadan Buffet for iftar.  I’m good friends with the head chef, and he always prepares buka puasa favorites including ulam kampung, ikan bakar, murtabak, soto ayam, gulai tempoyak ikan patin, nasi ulam, and whole roast lamb.”

“Our company directors were surprised to see young Fendi got all his teeth fixed, medical and family emergencies rectified, Myvi started, and heavy traffic overcome, to arrive at the hotel two hours before Maghrib!  Nice to see the poor guy finally got a break!”

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