Head of cabbage dumped at Home Minister’s gate

front gate

Submitted by Cowardly Doorstep Antagonist Editor,

KUALA LUMPUR:  The family of the Home Minister was badly shaken early yesterday morning, after an anonymous man rang the doorbell, then dumped a head of cabbage along with other leafy vegetables in front of the Minister’s Damansara home.

“Our ‘loose cannon’ Home Minister has offended many Malaysians with his comments, but antagonising a Muslim during the fasting month with uncooked vegetables demonstrates how some quarters will stop at nothing to foster disharmony between the races!” said a neighbour.

Police are reviewing stills captured from CCTV surveillance cameras to identify the cabbage culprits
Police are reviewing this image captured from a CCTV surveillance camera to try to identify the cabbage culprits

“I’m personally disgusted this provocation happened on the 2nd day of Puasa, which is a time for not only abstaining from food, but fostering peace and harmony with others,” said a Home Ministry source, “Couldn’t these cabbage guys do the acceptable thing and be a racist dick the last day before Ramadan?  Like that cow head antagonist did in Penang!”

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