Non-male woman spoils Malaysian cabinet sausage fest

Malaysian Cabinet 2

Submitted by Gender Inequality Editor,

PUTRAJAYA: Today Sharp eyed political watchers were shocked to discover that a massive 2.9% of the reshuffled Malaysian cabinet members are non-male.

“I have just been briefed that this is in fact a women, who is of the opposite gender to a man,” said a spokesman from the PM’s Department, “and worse, this one we have in cabinet seems to think she is more qualified then the Prime Minister to hold the position of Minister for Women, Family and Community Development!”

“These ladies can be quite nosy creatures,” said a self-proclaimed non-man behavioural expert, “Just because they are women, and have families, doesn’t give them a right to run a Ministry of the same name.  When will this discrimination against men end?  Will some crazy woman soon tell us because they are personally affected by transport, education, health, finance and urban well-being, they should lead those ministries too?”

“Remember, if it wasn’t for men like us, Malaysia wouldn’t be where it is today!”

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