Malaysian arrested for Crimes Against Natural Order of Pizza

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ROME: Malaysian-Italian diplomatic relations will be tested this week after the owner of Damansara restaurant ‘Italy Boleh’ Abdullah bin Azim was arrested while holidaying with his family.   Italian authorities who were monitoring  Mr Abdullah’s restaurant menu items for some time, detained him once he landed at Leonardo da Vinci International Airport.

“It is highly unusual for a Malaysian tourist to be arrested in Italy for violations committed in his home country,” said his lawyer, “apparently he was charged under section tre quattro cinque of the Italian Penal Code – Crimes against the natural order of pizza.”

A traditional Italian thin crust pizza
A traditional thin crust pizza as stipulated in the Italian constitution.

A spokesman for the Italian Pizza sanctity task-force Mario Tagliatelle told FMN, “For some years we have watched the Italy Boleh restaurant in Malaysia.  When Mr Abdullah added ikan bilis to pizza, we said nothing.  When he injected a little cheese into the crust, we were also silent, but this new double layer, tom yum prawn bread bowl infused with sausages, squirting cheese pops and satay sticks topped with kichap and a slice of lime violates everything we know and love about pizza!”


prosperity asian pizza

After intense questioning and pizza sampling Mr Abdullah was released on bail on the condition he no longer refers to his Asian fusion deep dish concoctions as pizza.  From now on they will be called ‘Hot dough platter topped with spicy topping and cheese.’

“I’m disappointed,” said Mr Abdullah in a statement, “but at least they didn’t bust me for my kari udang kapitan spaghetti!  It’s a local favorite!”

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