Khalid wins UMNO award for outstanding leadership

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SELANGOR:  Selangor menteri besar Abdul Khalid was awarded an UMNO Outstanding Leadership Award last night in a hastily convened private ceremony at Putrajaya.  The Prime Minister, Deputy PM and several UMNO cabinet ministers were in attendance.

“We are very impressed with Khalid,” said the Prime Minister, “he has displayed several qualities we look for in a good Selangor MB such as not being Anwar.  It’s appropriate to recognise his accomplishments and show the government’s appreciation for what he has done for Malaysia.”

One only has to look at the mess the fools behind the KLIA2 project to know that entrusting an RM8 Bil water treatment to the government is a very good idea.
One only has to look at the mess the fools behind KLIA2 have made, to know that allowing the federal government to build an RM8 Bil water treatment plant can only be good for Malaysians.

Youth leader Khairy Jamaluddin who missed out on a trophy expressed his disappointment,   “It’s unusual for an UMNO party leadership award to be given to someone who isn’t even in the party!  However I see how Khalid has shown initiative by quickly and secretively signing this irrevocable water agreement.   I can’t deny these exceptional qualities.

“I like Khalid’s style,” said the Deputy PM, “He bought all these water concessionaires and approved the Langat Water Treatment Plant that we have been so desperate to build.  I’m also amazed he somehow coincided the MOU with a national drought help it go through!  Impressive stuff!”

“The water agreement places the peoples’ needs above petty politics.  If well placed UMNO leaders receive kickbacks from a RM8 billion water treatment project, then that is a burden they must bare to serve the good people of Selangor!”

“Khalid especially deserves an UMNO award because lately he has really angered opposition leaders, which is something we encourage our own party members to do as frequently as possible!”

After accepting the UMNO award Khalid was overheard saying “This won’t affect my chances running for PKR Vice President will it?”


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