“Don’t waste govt money” PM tells BR1M recipients, “that’s our job!”

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The Prime Minister provides BR1M money.

KUALA LUMPUR:  The Prime Minister had an important message to the 8 million Malaysians who will receive BR1M (Bantuan Rakyat 1 Malaysia) financial assistance today.

“I know it’s tempting when you get some extra money to blow it all overpaying for things you don’t really need, but I think it’s best that Malaysians leave the wasting of public monies to professionals.  One only has to recall the auditor general’s report to see that squandering the nation’s wealth is an art form that has taken the government many years to perfect.  Don’t try this at home!”

The PM Continued, “BR1M will be added directly into your bank accounts this weekend, or if you prefer, it can be transmitted back to the government immediately to pre-pay the 6% GST coming in 2015,”

An anonymous 88-year-old former premier felt the BR1M handouts themselves were wasteful,  “What’s the point of spending the nation’s money on poverty-stricken people?  Even if they are genuinely grateful and dependent on the government, the next General Election is years away!”

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