Handy tips to beat the RON95 fuel price hikes!

Brought to you by the Malaysian Finance Minister,

Dear Voters,

It may seem strange to get advice on saving money from a government who spends RM4,000 on wall clocks, but I want you to know there are plenty of ways to overcome the RON95 fuel increase;

1 Don’t Look

It can be stressful at the pump watching the price ticking upwards.  Have your driver fill up before he collects you.

2 Walk Instead

You don’t have to always drive in Malaysia. Take a walk, It’s healthy and free!  I find strolling along the Champs-Elysées in Paris, or Fifth Avenue New York a great way to stretch my legs.  Worried about rain?  Take an indoor power walk through Harrods of London.  It’s a great alternative to burning expensive fuel in KL traffic jams.   Petrol’s more costly in these countries too so your RON95 wont seem so expensive.

3 Public Transport

Buses, MRT trains, monorails and other means of public transport can do wonders for your back pocket, particularly if you can can manage a few juicy kickbacks from the  crony companies building them!

4 Lighten Up

Improve driving mileage by removing unnecessary heavy weight from your car.  This is why I ask Rosmah to travel separately.

5 Use a Smaller Motorcade

Be sensible and cut fuel usage.  You don’t need seven escort vehicles.  You can do fine with only three, and four police on motorcycle.

6 Remember braking and accelerating burns more fuel

Have your police escort direct you through red lights without stopping.   You will consume less petrol and get to your destination faster!

I Hope you found these insights helpful.  If all else fails, you can take the Home Minister’s advice and leave.   It’s so easy and cheap to go abroad these days too!  Just award a large government contract to a key supplier and make them a travel request they cant refuse!  Cronies will arrange a lavish holiday as a ‘technical tour’ and it won’t cost you a cent!

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