Motorists queue ahead of economic rhetoric increase

Submitted by Fossil Fuels Editor,

Malaysians have endless possibilities. Unfortunately the budget for those possibilities requires a subsidy cut.

MALAYSIA:  Motorists across the country queued  last night for RON95 petrol before the government’s unexpected 20sen increase took hold.  FMN was on hand to chat to some of those filling up one last tank full at RM2.10 per litre.

“It’s a special night for Malaysians,” said one hopeful lady filling up her Myvi, “people of all races and religions are coming together at petrol stations like this and grumbling about never-ending price rises.  This really is 1Malaysia!”

“Well it’s probably a good thing the government wants to get its financial affairs in order,” said one driver, “but why does BN spend and give out money like crazy during election time, then slug us with a GST and price rises only  after its reelected?  I think most people can accept prices rise from time to time but why set false expectations during the campaign?”

The government is pondering the introduction of RON69 a fuel derived from leftover laksa
The government is pondering the introduction of RON69 a cheaper fuel derived from leftover laksa

Malaysia’s Prime Minister made a statement to the press.  “When I saw the Fitch downgrade of Malaysia and the sorry state of our national finances I was so furious, I wanted to sack the Finance Minister, but then I remembered It’s me !”

“It seems the last 14 years of reckless government deficits has left our finances in such a sorry state that ordinary Malaysians need to learn to tighten their belts.   Tonight’s 20 sen increase will save Malaysia RM3.3Billion a year.  You can build an empty 100 story tower for that kind of money or give out more cheques to swing voters!”

“I don’t know how we got here fiscally.  It’s like someone who didn’t think he could remain PM for very long went on a wild infrastructure spending campaign to win the support of voters and key business cronies while at the same time skimming profits for himself and his wife.  I’m going to keep an eye on that guy from now on!”

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