PM: Malaysia can change by staying the same

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PUTRAJAYA:  Today the Prime Minister met the press shortly after sending a congratulatory message to President Obama after his recent election victory.

“Americans have made the right decision not to change their government,” he said, “voters have chosen to continue to allow President Obama to deliver under the popular  ‘change you can believe in’ platform.  Malaysians should follow America because the best way to really deliver change is by not changing things.  Voting for a change of government will destabilize the country while we are changing it through a special transformation agenda that is designed to deliver the maximum benefit to the people, but only after we are reelected.”

“People should beware the sweet promises of the opposition.  There is a high enough rate of type 2 diabetes in this country as it is without them pushing more calories onto the electorate.    We offer sour promises that people should continually remind themselves of, such as our promise to arrest or harass people who criticize the wrong person or voice an unwelcome opinion about freedom of religion.”

“We don’t like the Americans with their support of Israel, tolerance of gay and lesbian lifestyles, freedom of religion and taxing the rich, but we really like the way the government there has retained power for another four years.  We could go for that here for sure!  We have noted mixed races were a deciding factor in Obama’s victory.  So we have been importing a few mixed races ourselves lately to hopefully achieve similar results.”



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