Desperate state government delays polls

Submitted by: State Government Editor


Economic figures suggest political flag manufacturing has boosted Malaysian GDP by 1% this year.



PETALING JAYA:  The Pakatan Rakyat supreme council confirmed recently that the Selangor state election might be delayed should parliament be dissolved in November for a federal election.  A PKR spokesman explained today that the decision was due to a questionable  electoral roll and Bersih electoral reforms had still not been implemented.

Barisan national leaders vented their frustration at the decision,  “Why cant they just do what we want them to do when we want them to do it?  They arrogantly behave like they have a constitutional right to name the time and date of an election that suits their best interests!”

“These guys have no confidence in their ability to retain power.  It’s a sure sign of desperation to delay an election until you think you might have a better chance of winning.   What losers! You wouldn’t catch the federal government behaving in that way would you?”



This did not happen

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