PM drives taxi to boost tourism

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PUTRAJAYA:  Honeymooners from Tehran, Adib Mehrad and his new wife Giti Solati were shocked then delighted to find the driver of their taxi was none other than the Malaysian Prime Minister.

Adib told FMN, “To be honest we weren’t so sure who it was driving, until he said his meter was broken and charged us RM300 from KL Sentral to our hotel in Bukit Bintang.  We didn’t have any Malaysian currency but he kindly exchanged our US Dollars 1 for 1 to ringgit.”

“I thought I should try driving a taxi for a week as part of our Tourist Taxi initiative” the PM told the press, “Before this, I’d never even ridden in one before!”

“The PM Taxi ambassador was very courteous during our journey with him” said a Malaysian passenger. “He smiled a lot, which was unsettling given we told him we were heading to a funeral.”

FMN tailed the PM’s taxi  as he took some businessmen from the PJ Hilton to Subang via Kajang whilst sharing news of Malaysia’s many visitor attractions.  After they were dropped off, FMN were told,  “It got a little tense.  I didn’t think he would keep on singing  the ‘Malaysia Truly Asia’ song once we said we came from Jakarta.”

Witnesses have sighted the PM sleeping in his Taxi after shifts.  A BN spokesman advised this is unrelated to rumors of an ongoing quarrel with the first lady.


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