The Devoted Malaysian Husbands Club

Submitted by: Family and Lifestyle Editor
PETALING JAYA: A group of Malaysian men are fed up with local girls chasing rich mat sallehs and Nigerian Usher lookalikes.  In response they have formed their own club to get their women back into their kitchens and bedrooms.

“We think we know how to make our women happy but they have to compromise.” Explained Club Chairman Leong No Jing shouting over football cheers at an outdoor mamak stall Wednesday.  The Club has been meeting here almost nightly in June from 11pm.

“We don’t understand why our girls don’t find us as attractive as foreign men.” said one man excavating his ear with a long pruning fingernail.

A young passionate man at the table reached out through poetry; “ ur di 1 4 me cn I b ur bf?” he texted seductively.  Sadly the girl immediately blocked him on Facebook.

Club member Saad Bin Osman told FMN he kept his skin youthful and smooth through regular virility massages at a men’s health spa but complained afterwards he was too tired to feel romantic about his wife.

Another member grumbled “My wife is so preoccupied with her own stuff we haven’t had sex in months!  I tried calling her again tonight but I guess there’s no reception in that Pantai Hospital maternity ward she’s been hanging around all week.”

The Clubs’ June brainstorming meetings will end coincidently on the day of the Euro Cup Final then in August the men have a weekend workshop planned in Hat Yai.

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