Lost toddler reunited with father after missing for 4 hours


Submitted by: Family and Lifestyle Editor
KUALA LUMPUR: A 3-year-old boy was found this morning in Titiwangsa Park crying for his parents, yet when a man who claimed to be his father presented himself to police, the child could not identify him.

Tense moments passed then a mobile rang.  Once the suspected father’s face was momentarily hidden behind his new Samsung GALAXY SIII smart phone, the toddler lit up with recognition and cried “papa papa!”   An emotional reunion between the two followed.

The father then updated his Facebook status, uploaded latest photos via SMS, Instagram and Flickr, posted a video of the event on youtube, tweeted to his followers, blogged on Tumblr, checked his email and commented on the outing via Foursquare then he and the relieved boy headed home where he had 20Mb UniFi installed.


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