Unimportant MP speaks through rectum

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KUALA LUMPUR:  Parliamentary question time was thrown into chaos last week when Barisan Nasional MP and youtube sensation, Datuk Wana Bin Farzi addressed the speaker of the house from his rear end.   Initial party applause gave way to an awkward silence as his chattering bottom completely decoupled from his brain.

“Shouldn’t we castrate all these fair election Bersih traitors and hang them?” he said.   “Can we go all ‘Gladiators’ on their asses and feed them to some tigers?”  Then once more before lunch, “How about we cook them up with delicious assam sauce? Mmmm…“

His BN colleagues have wisely distanced themselves from the controversy that has baffled proctologists around the world.  “Datuk Wana’s brains seem to have turned to kaya.” Confessed one back bencher whom requested be nameless,  “If people take pity on Bersih and the Opposition after we terrorise them in this way, where will we be come election time?”

After some party pressure, Datuk Wana tried to put out the fire he himself started.  “I would like to reluctantly apologize to anybody that might not want to vote for me anymore.  I think most people should agree with me, but I would hate this to affect my political or financial future.” He said.

FMN asked Datuk Wana if his questions were serious and whom they were directed to.  He replied  “To be honest I just wanted to be noticed for a change.  I’m kind of lonely sitting at the back of parliament snoozing.  In a way it’s been a good career move.  Before this, nobody had ever heard of me before.”



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