Injured police officers share evidence of Bersih protestor brutality

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Kuala Lumpur:  Several Officers of the Royal Malaysian Police serving at the Bersih 3.0 rally paid a heavy personal price on April 28th and are shining examples of Police dedication to upholding public safety and order.

Dr Azlyan Fir Bribz, Orthopedic Surgeon at Pantai Hospital Ampang has compiled statements of injured officers to assist with investigations into those responsible.

Officer Mohd Bashir was one officer attacked by pro democracy fanatics on duty at the HSBC Building, near Dataran Merdeka.  “Protestors descended upon me and repeatedly bashed their faces onto my right hand until several bones in my wrist were fractured.”  Unable to use a club or firearm the father of 5 is unsure when he can return to active duty.

“I was attacked when the crowd was dispersing,” reported Officer Abin Hirtin on crutches  “The small bones in my right ankle were crushed by several berserk protesters smashing their groins down onto my foot!”


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