PM: We can be like Spain

Submitted by: Editor in Chief

PUTRAJAYA:  In an attempt to get enthusiasm for the Euro 2012 championship to ‘rub off’ onto his limp administration, the Prime Minister today donned a Spanish red football jersey and held up a mock trophy to the press gallery.

“Malaysians can be winners supported by creativity, productivity, adaptability and innovative practices.   Four gooooaaaals just like the unforgettable Spanish Euro Cup win Sunday night.  We can be just like Spain and thrash all opposition parties too right?”  The PM said to groans and polite applause.

FMN discovered later that the Italian world cup victory speech prepared for the PM was much better and more rousing, but had to be shelved after the outcome of Sunday’s final.

Economist Wa Yu Do Ying was on hand to consider the PM’s wise words.  “Spain is a country suffering from the consequences of many years of wasteful spending.  It has high unemployment, a poor education system, inefficient civil service, rising inflation, a deeply indebted banking system, large wealth gap and an unpopular government in power.  Maybe we are like Spain already.”


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