Minister reassures public “no homosexuals in Malaysia.”

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Proposed street signs to be located around KL's hot spots.
Proposed street signs to be located around KL’s hot spots.

Bukit Bintang:  Minister for Arts and Culture Tan Sri Saspek Fahgi called a press conference today after attending a wedding at the JW Marriott hotel in his signature pink Baju Melayu.

“Homosexuality is a sin before God which the government will not tolerate.  The Rakyat are more worried about what a few consenting adults do in the privacy of their own homes than graft, corruption, waste and chronic poverty.  We want to assure the people there is nobody of this persuasion in Malaysia unlike other countries.” He said.

At his side during the conference and assisting the Minister with his investigations were his two political aides, former Malaysia GQ model 21 year old Hi Chik Bon and recent Malaysia Male Idol winner 23 year old Mohd Soksum Dek who have been the ministers constant companions since his divorce in 2009.

After closing, the aides escorted the Minister for treatment at the exclusive Male only ‘Klinik Kesihatan Dan Spa Eksekutif’ where he receives therapy regularly for his injured lower spine and swollen prostate, a condition shared by his dear friend flamboyant TV Chef  Mohd Fanzi Panz, Celebrity Hairdresser Ben Dova and several MAS airline stewards.

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