pokemon no

Nation Suffers Another Joyless Day Without Pokémon Go

MALAYSIA:  Today the nation admitted it was uncertain if it could survive another day without playing the hit augmented reality smartphone More...


Director Announces Congkak Movie Trilogy

PENANG:  Today local film director, Jamil Mohd Alias admitted his attempt to adapt Malaysian traditional kampung game, congkak into More...


Proton Launches Clean Energy Vehicle That Runs On Govt Soft Loans

KUALA LUMPUR:  National car maker Proton launched the new Proton Sloth today in an effort to regain market share lost to local and More...

white rice

Life A Crappy Choice Between Risking Diabetes And Missing White Rice, Experts Say

SINGAPORE:  Health Authorities confirmed today that being healthy and avoiding diabetes involves a miserable existence of missing More...


Malaysian Student Says $4.6mil Found In Her Account A Gift For Fighting Isis

SYDNEY:  Today a Malaysian student apprehended while trying to board a flight to KL told authorities she thought the $4.6million More...

blocking wedding photographer

Uncle Saves Wedding By Taking Perfect Photo On Old 1.3MP Nokia Camera Phone

SINGAPORE: The wedding of Clemence Tan and Katherine Yeoh averted disaster on the weekend thanks to a courageous amateur photographer More...


Maxis CEO furious after learning local pub giving better prices to new customers

PLAZA DAMANSARA:  Norwegian expat and Maxis CEO Morten Lundal took to social media last night upon discovering that the Guinness More...


Perfect Online Soulmate Says He Needs To Borrow RM20k So You Can Be Together Forever

CYBERSPACE:   Today on-line soulmate David, explained to his future life partner, Malaysian single mother Nor, he needs to borrow More...

DOJ Assets Seizure: PM To Question ‘Malaysian Official 1’ In Special Two-Eyed Meeting

najib razak

PUTRAJAYA: As part of the government’s commitment to assist the US Department of Justice’s  kleptocracy probe,  Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said he More...

High Speed Rail To Cut Travel Time Between Politicians And Their Money


PUTRAJAYA: Today, Malaysian politicians praised the recently signed High-Speed Rail (HSR) MoU, as the the 300kmh train will reduce the travel time to reach their money. “The More...

Malaysia Offers To Help France Bake Better Croissants


MALAYSIA:  Today a SE Asian country offered to teach France how to bake delicious croissants in addition to sharing its solutions to the worldwide threat of terrorism. “Malaysia More...

kabali new ending

Censors Insisting On Criminal Retribution In Movies Because It’s Not Happening In Real Life

PETALING JAYA:  The Malaysian Film Censorship board (LPF) defended its decision to insist on a new ending for Kollywood blockbuster Kabali today, saying local cinema audiences More...

Government Rallies Behind PM, Launches ‘We Are All Malaysian Official 1’ Hashtag

PUTRAJAYA:  After he came under fire from the explosive US Department of Justice revelations of stolen 1MDB billions, today the Prime Minister’s loyal supporters came More...

Malaysia’s Govt Urges Cameron: Don’t Take Responsibility And Resign, Set Up A Task Force!

david cameron

PUTRAJAYA:   Malaysian politicians close to our PM Najib Tun Razak were in shock last night after news broke British Prime More...

Guan Eng Unsubscribes From Groupon


GEORGETOWN:  Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng officially ended his relationship with Groupon this morning after More...

handcuffs-1 Nigeria Says It’s Foreign Meddling When Malaysian Police Investigate Their Suspicious Citizens Here

KUALA LUMPUR: Today foreign affairs spokesman Mr Johnathon Goodbye Goodluck, from the Nigerian High Commission, said Malaysian...

nik_amar_nik_abdullah_1604_620_425_100 We’ll Tackle Poverty, Drugs, And Extremism Once We Solve The Serious Problem Of Cinemas, PAS Says

KELANTAN:  Today a source close to Deputy Mentri Besar Datuk Nik Mohd Amar Nik Abdullah said...

water1 Johor Offered Water Filtered By Singaporean Kidneys

JOHOR:  Today Singapore told Johor’s water regulatory body Badan Kawalselia Air Johor (Bakaj), that in addition...

Malaysia Mulls Banning Apps That Encourage Illegal Assembly

pokemon go assembly

MALAYSIA: In the wake of the failed coup in Turkey, the Home Ministry said today it is mulling a ban on smartphone More...

Brexit Will Not Make British Schools More Affordable, Malaysia’s Elite Promised

WINDSOR:  Today Britain’s private boarding schools promised the nation’s wealthy elite that despite the post-Brexit collapse of their economy, they remain..

Punish Antivaxxers For Spreading Disease, Say Malaysians Not Washing Hands In Toilets

MALAYSIA:  Today the estimated 62% of men and 40% women not washing their hands after using the toilet, suggested harsh punishments..

Rayani Air Promises To Refund Customers In The Afterlife


LANGKAWI:  Today grounded Shariah-compliant airline, Rayani Air told customers whose refund cheques had bounced, More...

KLIA2 Should Be Called Long-Walk Carrier Terminal 2 (LWCT2), Say Passengers

SEPANG:  Today loyal AirAsia passengers rejected group CEO Tan Sri Tony Fernandes’ suggestion KLIA2 should be called Low-Cost Carrier Terminal 2..

Rayani Air Suspends Operations While Crew Cover Plane’s Aurat

LANGKAWI:  Today Rayani Air suspended operations after initial attempts to cover the Boeing 737’s aurat led to problems retracting landing gear...
Taib Bently

Sarawak Governor Impressed His RM1.5mil Birthday Bentley Can Do 5km/hr On State Roads

KUCHING: Today Sarawak governor Taib Mahmud said he was delighted with the RM1.5 million birthday present given to him by 36-year-old..
sperm donation return

Inspired by PM, local sperm bank returns donations

  PUCHONG:  Today local sperm bank, Designer Babies 4U announced it would follow the Prime Minister’s lead by returning its not..
Malaysia Football

Athletes Who Embarrass Sports Ministry Face 3 Year Travel Ban

KUALA LUMPUR:  Losing Sportspeople who shame the nation when competing abroad may be barred from overseas travel it was revealed today...